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Adrien Brody Movie List

Adrien Brody is a celebrity actor who began taking acting classes at a young age. At just 13 he had appeared professionally on stage and in a television movie. His career looked to take off after landing an important role in “The Thin Red Line,” but the director edited out many of his parts due to time constraints. His breakthrough came in 2002 with the film “The Pianist” for which he won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role. At the time of the Academy Awards he was 29, which makes him the youngest actor to take out this award. The following is a list of movies that Adrien Brody has acted in during his career.

Movie Title/Year/Character

Midnight in Paris 2011 Salvador Dalí
Detachment 2011 Henry Barthes
Wrecked 2010 Man
The Experiment 2010 Travis
Predators 2010 Royce
High School 2010 Psycho Ed
Fantastic Mr. Fox 2009 Rickity the Field Mouse
Splice 2009 Clive Nicoli
Giallo 2009 Inspector Enzo Avolfi / Giallo
Cadillac Records 2008 Leonard Chess
The Brothers Bloom 2008 Bloom
Manolete 2008 Manuel Rodríguez Sánchez “Manolete”
The Darjeeling Limited 2007 Peter
Hollywoodland 2006 Louis Simo
King Kong 2005 Jack Driscoll
The Jacket 2005 Jack Starks
The Village 2004 Noah Percy
The Singing Detective 2003 First Hood
The Pianist 2002 Wladyslaw Szpilman
Dummy 2002 Steven
The Affair of the Necklace 2001 Count Nicolas De La Motte
Love the Hard Way 2001 Jack Grace
Harrison’s Flowers 2000 Kyle Morris
Bread and Roses 2000 Sam Shapiro
Liberty Heights 1999 Van Kurtzman
Summer of Sam 1999 Richie
Oxygen 1999 Harry
The Thin Red Line 1998 Cpl. Fife
Restaurant 1998 Chris Calloway
Six Ways to Sunday 1997 Arnie Finklestein
The Undertaker’s Wedding 1997 Mario Bellini
The Last Time I Committed Suicide 1997 Ben
Solo 1996 Dr. Bill Stewart, Solo’s Designer
Bullet 1996 Ruby Stein
Bullet Hearts 1996 Chuckie Bragg
Nothing to Lose 1995 Ray Diglovanni
Natural Born Killers 1994 Cameraman
Angels in the Outfield 1994 Danny Hemmerling
King of the Hill 1993 Lester
The Boy Who Cried Bitch 1991 Eddie
New York Stories 1989 Mel
Home at Last 1988 Billy

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