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Advantages of Coal Fired Power

Coal fired power is created by burning coal in a large furnace to boil water. The stem from the boiling water is used to turn a large turbine at high speeds. The turning turbine is connected to a generator which consists of a large copper wire surrounded by magnets. As the wire passes the magnets they create a strong magnetic field. The wire spinning through the magnetic field creates electricity which is stored and then transferred via electrical wiring. The steam used to turn the turbine is then cooled and redirected back to the furnace where it is boiled again to make steam.

Advantages of Coal Power

  • The biggest advantage of coal fired power is that it is cheap. This is a great thing as if it is cheap for the companies to produce than electricity bills are cheaper for us to pay, but what are some of the other advantages of coal fired power?
  • Coal is highly combustible meaning that when it burns it releases a lot of energy and creates a lot of heat. This is a big plus as you can use smaller amounts of coal to heat larger amount of water.
  • Another advantage to coal fired power is that enormous amounts of electricity can be produced in one place inexpensively. This means that instead of having five power plants you may only need one.
  • Coal is an inexpensive resource because it is easy to find a supply and it not expensive to extract and mine from coal deposits.
  • Coal is easy to access. There is a lot of coal worldwide and estimates suggest that coal supplies will last for at least another 200 years.
  • Coal fired Power is generally considered safer than nuclear power, as a failure at the plant is not likely to cause a catastrophic event like a nuclear meltdown would.
  • Coal is a less dangerous fuel source than uranium and it is simpler to train people to work at the plant.

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