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Al Pacino Movie List

Al Pacino is a celebrity actor who is widely regarded as one of the greatest actors of all time. He started his career on the stage and was quite successful. However, it was the role of Michael Corleone in the movie “The Godfather” that launched his career to a whole new level. The movie was a huge hit and Pacino earned his first Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor. Even though he was nominated for an Oscar a further 6 times, it wasn’t until 1993 that he won one. The following is a list of movies that Al Pacino has acted in during his distinguished career.

Movie Title/Year/Character

The Son of No One 2011 Detective Charles Stanford
You Don’t Know Jack 2010 Jack Kevorkian
Righteous Kill 2008 David ‘Rooster’ Fisk
Ocean’s Thirteen 2007 Willy Bank
88 Minutes 2007 Jack Gramm
Two for the Money 2005 Walter Abrams
The Merchant of Venice 2004 Shylock
Gigli 2003 Starkman
The Recruit 2003 Walter Burke
S1m0ne 2002 Viktor Taransky
Insomnia 2002 Will Dormer
People I Know 2002 Eli Wurman
Chinese Coffee 2000 Harry Levine
Any Given Sunday 1999 Tony D’Amato
The Insider 1999 Lowell Bergman
The Devil’s Advocate 1997 John Milton
Donnie Brasco 1997 Benjamin ‘Lefty’ Ruggiero
City Hall 1996 Mayor John Pappas
Heat 1995 Lt. Vincent Hanna
Two Bits 1995 Gitano Sabatoni
Carlito’s Way 1993 Carlito ‘Charlie’ Brigante
Scent of a Woman 1992 Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade
Glengarry Glen Ross 1992 Ricky Roma
Frankie and Johnny 1991 Johnny
The Godfather: Part III 1990 Don Michael Corleone
Dick Tracy 1990 Big Boy Caprice
The Local Stigmatic 1990 Graham
Sea of Love 1989 Det. Frank Keller
Revolution 1985 Tom Dobb
Scarface 1983 Tony Montana
Author! Author! 1982 Ivan Travalian
Cruising 1980 Steve Burns
…And Justice for All. 1979 Arthur Kirkland
Heaven Has No Favorites 1977 Bobby
Dog Day Afternoon 1975 Sonny Wortzik
The Godfather: Part II 1974 Don Michael Corleone
Serpico 1973 Officer Frank Serpico
Scarecrow 1973 Francis Lionel ‘Lion’ Delbuchi
The Godfather 1972 Michael Corleone
The Panic in Needle Park 1971 Bobby
Me, Natalie 1969 Tony

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