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Anne Hathaway Movie List

Anne Hathaway is a celebrity actress that shares that same name with the wife of the famous playwright William Shakespeare. After a stint on the TV series “Get Real” she shot to prominence with the lead role in the movie “The Princess Diaries,” which was a great success at the box office. She received much critical acclaim for the role and this landed her more roles, including the sequel. She was once known as a children’s role model, but after the sequel to “The Princess Diaries” she began working on films aimed at a more mature audience. Her talent shone through and was rewarded with an Academy Award nomination in 2009. The future looks bright for this very talented actress. The following is a list of movies that Anne Hathaway has acted in during her career.

Movie Title/Year/Character

The Dark Knight Rises 2012 Selina
One Day 2011 Emma
Rio 2011 Jewel
Love and Other Drugs 2010 Maggie Murdock
Alice in Wonderland 2010 White Queen
Valentine’s Day 2010 Liz
Bride Wars 2009 Emma Allan
Passengers 2008 Claire
Rachel Getting Married 2008 Kym
Get Smart’s Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control 2008 Agent 99
Get Smart 2008 Agent 99
Becoming Jane 2007 Jane Austen
The Devil Wears Prada 2006 Andrea ‘Andy’ Sachs
Brokeback Mountain 2005 Lureen Newsome
Havoc 2005 Allison Lang
Hoodwinked! 2005 Red (voice)
The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement 2004 Mia Thermopolis
Ella Enchanted 2004 Ella
Nicholas Nickleby 2002 Madeline Bray
The Cat Returns 2002 Haru
The Other Side of Heaven 2001 Jean Sabin
The Princess Diaries 2001 Mia Thermopolis

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  1. Anne Hathaway was not in a movie called ‘Pride and Prejudice’ She was, however, in a movie called ‘Becoming Jane’ based on the author (Jane Austen) of Pride and Prejudice. That movie is on the list.

  2. Well i would like to know the name of Anne Hathaway movie, in which she had a nice life with her husband then she comes across a mountaineer and gets involved with him. She leaves her husband and gets married with him. The sister of that mountaineer tries to kill Anne Hathaway’s character at the end… please do let me know the name of that film

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