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Best Vacations with Children

When going on vacation with your family, it is hard to keep everybody happy! Often parents go on vacations they hate to keep the kids happy. Other people choose to go to quiet places with little for children to do and they become bored very easily. This article will tell you some of the best vacations to take with children, and also list some important things to remember when going on a family vacation.

Best Vacations with Children
1. Orlando

Orlando has something for everyone in the family. You can keep the kids happy with visits to Disneyland and theme parks. Sports fans can take in a game or two of baseball, basketball, golf, ice skating and even cycling depending on the time of year you head off to Orlando. Orlando also knows how to celebrate Christmas, as they put on huge celebrations every year. As many families visit Orlando, many of the hotels have kids’ clubs and waterslides to keep the children happy, as well as simulated beach pools and artificial lakes for the parents. Discovery Cove is also a popular theme park that is a simulation of a Caribbean island. You can swim with dolphins, swim under a waterfall and see many colorful fish.

2. Florida
The rest of Florida is also great for family vacations. There are many beaches in Florida, including Space Coast which is 72 miles of shore where the moon launches blasted off from. There are heaps of places to stay with kids’ clubs, crèches and pools. Also consider visiting the gorgeous Everglades National Park. You can take a tour through the park which is fun for kids while also being educational.

3. The Caribbean
Everyone is guaranteed to love The Caribbean. Nearly every large resort has kids’ clubs and waterslides to keep the kids happy. There are also plenty of resorts which offer water sports which the entire family should enjoy. There are also miles of beautiful beaches. Make sure to pack your camera!

4. Williamsburg
Williamsburg has much to offer a vacationing family. A visit to Colonial Williamsburg is both education and fun, bring the 1770’s to life! There are also two major theme parks; Busch Gardens Europe and Water Country USA (only open during summer).

5. Gold Coast, Australia
Two hours drive south of Brisbane, Australia, the Gold Coast is one of the major tourist spots in Australia! It has heaps of great theme parks, including Water World and Movie World. It is famous for its long stretches of beautiful beaches and resorts which cater for both the children and the parents. If you can afford an overseas trip (or live in Australia) you should definitely check out the Gold Coast.

7 Tips for Taking a Vacation with Children
Tip 1: If going on a road trip, take along some games for the kids to play in the back. Even simple games like ‘Eye Spy’ can keep the kids entertained for hours. Another simple thing to do is get your children to write about all the things that they have seen and done each day.

Tip 2: Leave early in the morning (2-3am) on road trips. Usually, the kids will sleep through to 8 or 9am and you will be a lot closer to your destination without them even being aware of it!

Tip 3: Make sure you kids have their seat belts on during road trips! A lot of kids take them off and their parents are unaware of it.

Tip 4: Make sure there is a good balance between stuff that is fun for the kids and quiet times for the parents. If the kids start complaining, remind them of the great things you will be doing later.

Tip 5: Tell your children exactly what and when you are going to do things, but be flexible if need be.

Tip 6: If your kids are being intolerable, threaten not to do something they are looking forward to. This almost never fails!

Tip 7: Ban mobile phones and handheld gaming devices (Nintendo DS and PSP’s) for a couple of days to connect with your family.

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