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Billy Crudup Movie List

Billy Crudup is a celebrity actor who began acting in 1994 with the film Grind. This movie was put on the shelf until 1997 and by that time Crudup had already completed the film “Sleepers.” He continued to act in many films and also took time away from the camera to work on Broadway, for which he received a Tony Award nomination in 2002. Although he continues to work in the industry his career has not quite reached the heights that many expected of it. The following is a list of movies that Billy Crudup has acted in during her career so far.

Movie Title/Year/Character

The Longest Week 2012 Conrad
The Watch 2012 Neighbor
Too Big to Fail 2011 Timothy Geithner
Thin Ice 2011 Randy Kinney
Eat Pray Love 2010 Stephen
The Ballad of G.I. Joe 2009 Zartan
Public Enemies 2009 J. Edgar Hoover
Watchmen 2009 Dr. Manhattan / Jon Osterman
Pretty Bird 2008 Curtis Prentiss
Dedication 2007 Henry Roth
The Good Shepherd 2006 Arch Cummings
Mission: Impossible 3 2006 John Musgrave
Trust the Man 2005 Tobey
Stage Beauty 2004 Ned Kynaston
Big Fish 2003 Will Bloom
Charlotte Gray 2001 Julien Levade
World Traveler 2001 Cal
Almost Famous 2000 Russell Hammond
Waking the Dead 2000 Fielding Pierce
Jesus’ Son 1999 FH
The Hi-Lo Country 1998 Pete Calder
Without Limits 1998 Steve Prefontaine
Snitch 1998 Teddy
Princess Mononoke 1997 Ashitaka (English version)
Grind 1997 Eddie
Inventing the Abbotts 1997 Jacey Holt
Everyone Says I Love You 1996 Ken
Sleepers 1996 Tommy Marcano

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