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Bruce Lee Movie List

Bruce Lee was a celebrity actor best known for his skill in martial arts. He began working in Hong Kong cinema at a very young age, but didn’t begin learning martial arts until 12 when he was beaten up by a street gang. He moved to the United States when he was 18 where he entered college and opened a martial arts school. It was at a martial arts event where he met a Hollywood hair stylist who introduced him to a television producer. As they say, the rest is history. Up until his sudden death in 1973 he was one of the best known martial arts actors in the world and is credited with popularizing martial arts films in the Western World. The following is a list of movies that Bruce Lee acted in during his career.

Movie Title (English Title)/Year/Character (where known)

Game of Death II 1981 Lee Chun Keung”
Game of Death 1978 Billy Lo
Enter the Dragon 1973 Lee
Fist of Unicorn 1973 Martial Arts Expert
Meng long guo jiang (The Way of the Dragon) 1972 Tang Lung (a.k.a. Dragon)
Fist of Fury 1972 Chen Zhen
Tang shan da xiong (The Big Boss) 1971 Cheng Chao-an
Marlowe 1969 Winslow Wong
Ren hai gu hong (The Orphan) 1960 Ah Sam
Lei yu (The Thunderstorm) 1957 Chow Chung
Zao zhi dang cu wo bu jia (Too Late for Divorce) 1956 Kai Cheung
Zha dian na fu 1956 (Sweet Time Together) Yeung Siu-lung
Er nu zhai (We Owe It to Our Children) 1955
Ai xia ji (Love Part 2) 1955
Gu er xing (Orphan’s Song) 1955
Ai (Love) 1955
Gu xing xue lei (An Orphan’s Tragedy) 1955 Frank (child)
Wei lou chun xiao (In the Face of Demolition) 1953
Ci mu lei (A Mother’s Tears) 1953
Ku hai ming deng (The Guiding Light) 1953 Teenage Son
Qian wan ren jia (A Myriad Homes) 1953
Fu zhi guo (Blame it on Father) 1953
Ren zhi Chu (Infancy) 1951 Ngau Tsai
Xi lu xiang (My Son, Ah Chung) 1950 Cheung
Meng li xi shi (Sai See in the Dream) 1949
Fu gui fu yun (Wealth Is Like a Dream) 1948
The Birth of Mankind 1946
Golden Gate Girl 1941 Infant

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