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Why are Plants Green

It is estimated that there are between 300,000 and 315,000 species of plants on Earth. The largest grouping in the plant family is the flowering plants, of which there are over 258,000 different species. The vast majority of plants are green, although there are some species that do not have this coloration. If you have ever wondered what makes plants this color, keep reading to find out.

Why are Decomposers Important to an Ecosystem

A decomposer, also known as a saprobe, is a creature or organism that breaks down organic matter such as dead animals and plant materials. Some commonly recognized decomposers are earth worms, fungi such as mushrooms and bacteria. Insects such as ants, wasps and cockroaches also take part in the decomposition of organic material, but are classified as scavengers. This is due to the fact that their waste materials are broken down by decomposers. Decomposers are an important part of any ecosystem. They have a necessary function that contributes to the ongoing growth and survival of the ecosystem. Why are they important? Read below to find out.

Why Is Logging Bad For The Environment

Logging is the act of cutting down trees to be transported and processed for use in many different timber products. Traditionally logging was a slow process that was completed by hand, but modern techniques mean that trees can now be felled, transported and processed faster than ever. It is a controversial practice because of the environmental effects that are caused by removing trees from the natural environment. Let’s take a look at why logging is so bad for the environment.

What Is E-Waste and Why is it a Problem

E-Waste, also called Electronic waste, is any discarded electronic/electrical devices. The includes, but is not limited to, computer components, cell phones, batteries, televisions, fax machines, printers and photocopiers. Unlike most other waste, these items are often discarded because the technology is obsolete and not because it is broken. E-Waste is often sent to developing countries for processing.

What Causes a Landslide

Landslides are a natural or manmade event that occurs when a slope becomes unstable and shifts in a significant manner. They can be quite dangerous when they occur near human habitation and have caused countless deaths around the world. The worst landslide in history occurred in Kansu, China in 1920. It destroyed over 100 cities, many villages and over 180,000 people lost their lives. Let’s take a look at what causes a landslide.

What Causes Beach Erosion

Beach erosion, also called coastal erosion, causes wearing of the land around coastal areas. It is not only a problem for animals and plants that rely on this habitat, but it is also a major problem where population centers are located near the ocean. In fact, whole houses in certain parts of the world have collapsed into the sea because of erosion. There are both natural and human causes for beach erosion and these causes to differ depending on the location.

Which Country Has the Most Tornadoes

Tornadoes are one of the most fascinating natural disasters. Many devote their life to chasing tornadoes in order to learn more about their formation and patterns of behavior. In American alone there are an average of over 1000 per year, but these devastating storms do occur worldwide. It is thought that tornadoes form when large masses of cold air meet hot air. The cold air falls as the hot air rises creating a rotating tunnel of wind. This is particularly likely to happen during the spring and summer months when large storm fronts develop. When they form over water they are known as waterspouts and they tend to be weaker than land based tornadoes. You might be wondering which country sees the most tornadoes? Read this article to find out.

What Causes Ocean Pollution

Pollution can come in many forms, but is nay substance that is introduced into a natural environment that is harmful or poisonous. It can be chemical substances or energy such as noise, heat or light. One of the most polluted environments on the earth is the ocean. Every year thousands of marine creatures die because of pollution and even more are damaged or made sick due to it. So what causes the oceans to be polluted?

Advantages of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a form of energy that can be produced without depleting natural resources such has fossil fuels and wood. It does not rely on the burning of a fossil fuel to create electricity. Some forms of renewable energy include sunlight, wind, tides, water and geothermal heat. The use of biomass is also considered to be a renewable energy source. This type of energy is sustainable as it is derived from sources that do not run out.

What Causes Coral Bleaching

Coral is a collection of living, breathing organisms called polyps. These polyps clump together and form a colony. Polyps are very similar to anemones and have a small mouth and many tiny tentacles. Each polyp secretes a cap of limestone around itself as a skeleton. As it grows it divides and the coral expands. Polyps catch their food by injecting small creatures with the stinging cells on their tentacles. The tentacles then bring the food into the stomach to digest. Coral comes in many different colors and types.