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What are Footballs Made out of

Football is the name given to a number of similar sports played throughout the world. The most well known are association football (soccer), American football (gridiron), rugby football and Australian rules football. The balls used in these sports all have slight differences in size, shape and construction. The two general shapes for a football are a sphere and prolate spheroid (oval). Let’s find out what footballs are made from and how they are constructed.

What are Baseballs Made out of

A baseball is the ball used in the game that shares the same name. A baseball is a round shaped ball, but is not a perfect sphere, and is most commonly white in color. It also features a red raised seam, made of 108 double stitches, which allows the pitcher to impart spin on the ball. A standard sized baseball has a weight between 5-5.25 oz (142-149 g), a circumference of 9-9.25 in (22.9-23.5 cm) and a diameter of 2.875-3 in (7.3-7.6 cm). Regulation balls used in professional and college competitions are made under very strict standards and the balls must pass strict quality controls. Let’s find out what a baseball is made from and a little bit about the history and development of the ball.

What are Organelles

Organelles are located within a cell body and have similar functions to that of an organ within the body. There are numerous types of organelles with each playing a specific role within the cell. They are commonly located through a microscope and are enclosed within their own lipid bilayer. The name organelle was developed over a number of years with the first reference to an organelle being organula in 1884. Organelles were then called cellular organs for many years until the 1920’s when the word organelle was used to describe the different structures inside a cell.

What are Bed Sheets Made out of

Bed sheets are large rectangular pieces of cloth designed to be used on a bed. The bottom sheet, also known as fitted sheet, is used to cover the mattress and is usually fitted with elastic to secure it to the mattress so that it doesn’t slip off. The top sheet, also known as flat sheet, covers the person sleeping on the bed. Blankets and comforters are then added on top of this sheet to provide warmth in the bed. Sheets come in a variety of colors and designs and the quality of the sheets is usually determined by thread count. This measure is the number of threads per square inch and a higher number of threads generally corresponds with better quality sheets. If you have ever wondered what your sheets are made of, keep reading to find out.

What are Tooth Fillings Made out of

Despite the fact that dental hygiene has increased, tooth fillings are still needed in some cases to ensure the health of a person’s teeth. A tooth filling, or dental filing, is usually placed in a tooth where there is a cavity or where the tooth has worn down and needs replacing. The filling restores the tooth back to working order and allows the person to continue using it without pain. Fillings are most often used in the molars at the back of the mouth, as these do most of the chewing and wear is expected. The teeth at the front of the mouth are most often capped to provide protection.

What are Trumpets Made out of

A trumpet is a musical instrument that is played via a mouthpiece by blowing air through closed lips to create a buzzing type of sound. This sounds travels through the tubing and starts a vibration outside of the instrument, which results in the unique trumpet sound. Modern trumpets have three valves, which are used for changing the pitch and notes that can be played. However, these instruments date back thousands of years and the early versions did not contain these valves. The trumpet belongs to the brass instrument family, which might give you a clue as to what they are made out of!

What are Paintballs Made Out of

Paintball is a survival game where two teams try to eliminate each other by marking the opposition players with a dye capsule that is shot from a specially modified air gun (marker). Once a player is marked with paint they are removed from the game until one team is victorious. The first organized games of paintball occurred in 1981 and the popularity of this military style game grew enormously. The dye filled capsules fired from the air guns are known as paintballs, or simply paint. Let’s find out what they are made of and how they work.

What are Condoms Made out of

A condom is a contraceptive device used during sexual intercourse to lessen the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The device is placed over the penis and the semen is collected in the condom instead of being transferred to the sexual partner. They have been used for hundreds of years, but rose to prominence in the 19th century. Since this time they have remained one of the most popular methods of birth control in the world. If you have ever wondered what a condom is made out of, keep reading to find out.

What Are The Layers Of The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is a layer of gasses, held in by gravity, that surround the planet. The atmosphere has a vital role in protecting life by: absorbing harmful ultraviolet radiation, warming the surface of the planet and reducing temperature extremes between the night and day. Many of the gasses contained in Earth’s atmosphere, known as air, are also essential for life. The content and pressure of air changes at different heights and the atmosphere becomes thinner as altitude increases. By studying the atmosphere it was discovered that there are a number of atmospheric layers with different properties such as: temperature, air pressure and density.

What are Snowboards Made out of

A snowboard is a board designed to glide on the snow which is used in the winter sport called snowboarding. The modern version of this sport developed from the 1960’s and became extremely popular. A snowboard is usually 140-165 cm (55-65 in) long and about the width of the feet, although this depends on the type of board. The feet are attached to the board with bindings and the user adopts a similar stance to that of a skateboarder. There are a number of styles of snowboarding and different boards have been developed to cater for these different styles. However, the boards all share some common features including common materials used for construction.