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When do Babies Sleep Through the Night

After becoming accustomed to caring for a new baby one of the first questions that comes to the mind of a parent is the subject of sleeping through the night. Most newborn babies will wake a number of times through the night for feeding and comfort and this is perfectly normal. As the child grows parents are often faced with the question “does she/he sleep through the night.” In Western society it is one of the biggest pressures on new parents and it is common for parents to worry about their child’s sleep patterns. It is important to understand that every baby is different and most sleep patterns before 12 months of age are perfectly normal (even if they don’t feel that way). Even the definition of sleeping through the night is quite moderate and if your baby sleeps from midnight to 5 a.m. they are considered to have slept through. Let’s find out when most babies achieve this milestone and when you should be concerned.

When do Children Learn to Read

Reading is the ability to decode and acquire meaning from printed symbols. This process is common to most cultures and is considered to be an essential part of learning and development in many of these cultures. Parents often wonder when their children will begin to read, but are usually surprised to know that the development of reading begins long before a child can actually read. Let’s take a look at the process of learning to read and when this occurs for most children.

When do Roosters Start to Crow

Roosters are the male members of the chicken species. The word rooster was comes from the United States, but it is now used in many countries instead of the traditional term cockerel. Roosters breed with more than one hen and guard the area where the hens nest. He will defend this area and attack any other rooster that enters. During the day the rooster will sit on a high perch above the ground to keep watch. It is from this perch that roosters are most likely to crow, which is used to guard his territory, to react to a disturbance and/or sound, to warn of predators and to communicate with the hens. Most of us are taught that roosters crow at sunrise. Read on to find out when roosters begin to crow and what time of the day they are likely to crow.

When do Males and Females Stop Growing

There are many differences between males and females. They have different anatomy and many would say that they think entirely differently from each other too. Both male and females go through the process of growing from an infant into a child and onto a fully grown adult where they finally reach their maximum height. In general males are taller than females, but this is not always the case. So when do males and females stop growing? Read this article to find out.

When do Babies First Stand Up

The development of a baby during their first year is remarkable. When they are first born they don’t have control over their body and by the end of the first year they are usually crawling or even walking! One of the biggest milestones that usually occurs in the first year is standing up. This usually occurs with the help of a parent at first, and then the child learns to pull themselves up into standing. From here they begin to cruise around the furniture, stand by themselves and eventually begin walking. Let’s find out when babies usually reach this stage of development.

When do Babies Begin to Talk

It is usually after the initial newborn stage has settled down that parents start to wonder when their baby will begin to talk. This usually occurs not only because parents want to ensure their child is developing at a normal pace, but also because talking helps parents better understand their baby’s needs. You might be surprised to know that by this time your baby is already learning how to talk. Let’s take a look at the common pattern of speech development.

When Do Hummingbirds Migrate

Hummingbirds are small birds best known for their ability to hover in mid air by rapidly flapping their wings and for being the only bird that can fly backwards. They are also capable of incredible speeds and have been known to fly at speeds faster than 55 km/h (34 mph). There are over 300 species of hummingbirds and these birds are only found in the Americas where they range from southern Alaska to the southernmost point of South America. Hummingbirds drink the sweet liquid inside flowers called nectar and also eat small insects and spiders. Many species of hummingbirds migrate in search for food and warmer weather.

When do Babies Start Teething

Teething is the process where the deciduous teeth (also called baby teeth or milk teeth) emerge through the gums. This time is usually the next biggest challenge after surviving the early stages of parenthood. Teething can cause pain and babies often become fussy during this time. The first signs of teething are usually irritability, chewing and biting as well as refusing to eat or drink. You may also be able to see some swelling or feel a slight bump before the top of the tooth emerges. Read on to find out when babies begin teething and how long it lasts.

When Do Spring Tides Occur

A spring tide is a large rise and fall of the tide and marks the time when the largest difference occurs between the water levels at high and low tide. During a spring tide the tidal currents are stronger and the time of “slack water” (the short period at the turn of the tide) is shorter. The opposite of a spring tide is known as a neap tide, when the difference between high and low tide are at a minimum. The time between spring tides and neap tides is about 7 days, which means that spring tides occur approximately every 14 days.

When Do Babies Start Playing With Toys

It is very exciting to watch a new baby grow and develop and the first year of life is full of fun and surprises. Babies learn to roll over, crawl, smile, use words and some even learn to walk. One of the most special milestones is when a young baby learns to play with toys. Very early on a baby playing may not look like much, but soon they are able to shake a rattle, roll a ball, and cuddle a teddy bear. So when do babies start playing with toys? Read this article to find out.