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When Was The iPhone Invented

The iPhone is one of the most popular cell phones on the market. Although it is a phone it is capable of many functions including; web browsing, navigation, running applications such as games and much more. For this reason it is known as a smartphone because it has many advanced features than more basic cell phones. It is designed, marketed and sold by Apple Inc., and is manufactured by Foxconn. There have been many new models of the iPhone released to the market with many improvements, but they retain many of the same features as the original iPhone.

Where Was William Shakespeare Born

William Shakespeare was a famous poet and playwright and he is considered to be the greatest English language writer of all time. Most of his work, which includes about 38 plays, was completed between 1589 and 1613 and his plays are still continually performed today. Some of his most famous works include; Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet and Macbeth. Have you ever wanted to know where William Shakespeare was born? Keep reading to find the answer to this question.

When Was the First Father’s Day

Father’s day is a special day that is set aside to honor fathers. It is a time to say thank you for the hard work that they put into raising their children. Father’s day is celebrated at different times around the world and father’s day in the United States does not fall on the same day as Father’s day in other countries. However, many countries celebrate this special day on the first Sunday in June. So when was the first father’s day? Read this article to find out.

When was NASA Founded

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA, is the organization responsible for the US space program and research. NASA was responsible for all of the Apollo missions and the Space Shuttle program. They are also heavily involved in the International Space Station and in exploring the solar system and wider galaxy. They have many different research and test facilities, but their main headquarters are in Washington DC. The organization employs over 18,000 people and is under the jurisdiction of the United States Government.

When Was the Statue of Liberty Built

The Statue of Liberty is an icon of freedom and is one of the most well recognized monuments in the United States. It stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. The statue was design by French sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi and was a gift from the people of France to the United States.

When Was Slavery Abolished

In many countries around the world slavery was a part of life. Slaves were brought from foreign countries to work in factories, on plantations in fields as well as perform household duties. Many wealthy families owned numerous slaves who looked after all the menial labor tasks. Many of the world’s great civilizations were built on the back of slaves. Fortunately, people slowly came to the realization that owning people, and forcing them to work, is wrong and many countries around the world started to abolish slavery.

When Was Microsoft Founded

As Windows is the biggest operating system the world over it is conceivable to say that all computer users have had access to a number of Microsoft creations. Microsoft is an American company that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services related to computing. It is most well known for its operating systems and office suite programs such as word, excel, PowerPoint etc. Most home computers run using the windows operating system which is a creation of the Microsoft Company. Microsoft has been in existence for 36 years and in that time has grown to a multi-billion dollar company.

When was YouTube created

YouTube is a video sharing site that allows users to upload and display video files from their own lives. It has a wide variety of videos available from TV shows to personal home movies. YouTube is a popular resource for people all over the world looking for particular videos. It is a great tool for teachers and students alike as they are able to find, view and share video on particular topics. Unregistered users are able to view videos that are uploaded onto the YouTube site, whilst registered users can upload content onto the site for others to view. YouTube is the most popular and user friendly video sharing site on the internet.

When was Basketball Invented

Basketball is a game that is played by two opposing teams on a court. The aim of the game is to get the basketball, which is a round spherical ball, into the elevated horizontal hoop or basket at the correct end of the court. There are 5 players on each team and they play under a set group of rules. Professional basketball is mainly an indoor sport and teams play on highly polished and well maintained wood basketball courts. Basketball in played in most European counties and is very popular in the United States, Australia and India.

When Was The Car Invented

Before the invention of the car people got around on horses, bicycles and by foot. These methods of transportation were in most cases adequate for short distances, but generally not very fast or sustainable. Even horses wear out eventually. A car is defined as a 4 wheeled vehicle that is propelled by an internal combustion engine. They are designed to seat one to 8 people and are typically constructed to transport people rather than cargo. Nowadays cars are evolving and many cars are powered by hybrid engines or electric engines. People are seeking ways to make cars more environmentally friendly whilst still maintaining the speed, reliability and comfort of standard combustion engine models.