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Where did Donatello Live

Donatello was an Italian artist and sculptor during the Renaissance. He, along with fellow artists Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo Da Vinci, is considered to be one of the finest artists of the time. He is best known for his sculptures such as: “David” (not to be confused with a sculpture of the same name by Michelangelo), the “Equestrian Monument of Gattamelata” and “Judith and Holofernes.” He completed many of his works for various churches, where many of them are still found today. Let’s find out where Donatello lived and worked during his life.

Where did the USS Maine Sink

The USS Maine was the second pre-dreadnought battleship in the United States Navy. The ship was ordered in 1886 as a response to the growing naval power of several South American countries, particularly Brazil which had become home of the most powerful navy in the Western Hemisphere. The USS Maine was completed in 1890 at a cost of approximately $4.7 million. Unfortunately, the USS Maine is best known for being sunk in 1898 and a total of 274 men lost their lives. Let’s take a look at where and why this tragedy happened.

Where did Raphael Live

Raphael (full name: Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino) was a famous Italian painter and architect who lived and worked during the Italian Renaissance. He, along with Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, is considered to be a great master artist and one of the best known artists of the time. Many of his works survive today and can be found in the Vatican City. The Apostolic Palace, home of the Pope, has many of his works, including the famous Raphael Rooms. His most well known work is “The School of Athens” (Scuola di Atene), which is also located in the Raphael Rooms. Let’s find out where this famous artist lived and worked throughout his life.

Where did Michelangelo Live

Michelangelo was a famous Italian artist, architect and poet and is considered to be one of the greatest artists of all time. He, along with fellow Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, had a major influence in the development of Western art. Some of his most famous works include the Statue of David and the paintings on the Sistine Chapel ceiling and altar wall. He was also responsible for some of the architecture on famous buildings such as St Peter’s Basilica. If you have ever wondered where Michelangelo lived and worked, keep reading to find out.

Where Did Rugby Originate From

Rugby is a popular form of football played with an oval shaped ball. The object of the game is similar to American football, which developed from rugby and soccer, but the ball can only be passed backwards between teammates. There are two main types of rugby football, which are usually referred to as rugby league and rugby union. However, there are also many other versions of the game with small differences in the rules. Continue reading to find out where this sport was developed.

Where did the Battle of Midway Take Place

The Battle of Midway was one of the most important Pacific naval battles in World War II. The battle took place between the United States Navy and the Japanese Navy. It began on June 4, 1942 and finished 3 days later. The Japanese planned to lure the U.S. into a trap and capture Midway Atoll, which had a strategically important airstrip, for themselves. However, the Japanese did not realize that the Americans had been able to break the Japanese code and knew of the impending attack and were able to setup their own ambush of the Japanese. This led to an incredible victory by the U.S. Navy, which managed to sink 4 Japanese carriers, a cruiser and destroy over 240 aircraft. This was the first major victory for the Allies over the Japanese.

Where did Broccoli Originate From

Broccoli is a vegetable that comes from the plant of the same name. The vegetable is usually green and resembles a tree with a large stalk and large flower heads. The plant is a part of the cabbage family and the vegetable is actually the flower of the plant. Broccoli can be eaten raw, but it is usually eaten after being cooked via boiling or steaming, although it is also used in a variety of recipes. Although many people do not enjoy the flavor, broccoli is rich in many important vitamins and nutrients that may even have anti-cancer properties. If you have ever wondered where broccoli comes from, keep reading to find out.

Where Did Eggplant Originate From

An eggplant is a fruit from the plant of the same name, although it is considered to be a vegetable for cooking purposes. The eggplant is from the nightshade family, which means that it is closely related to the tomato and potato. There are many different varieties of eggplant, but the most commonly available variety has dark purple skin and light green colored flesh with small seeds on the inside. Let’s take a look at where the eggplant originates from.

Where Did Potatoes Originate From

Potatoes are a popular vegetable that are prepared and eaten in many different ways. There are over 4000 varieties of potato and they come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Most commonly potatoes have yellowish-white flesh, but potatoes with blue flesh are also available. Potatoes are the 4th largest crop in the world after rice, wheat and maize. The largest producer of Potatoes is China which produces approximately 70 million tons a year. Let’s take a look at where the potato originated from.

Where Did The Pilgrims Come From

The Pilgrims were a group of early settlers that founded Plymouth Colony, which is located in the present-day US state of Massachusetts. This colony was the second successful English settlement and would later became the oldest continuously inhabited English settlement. Although the colony was identified as English it doesn’t tell the whole story of the origin of the Pilgrims.