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Who Invented the Barometer

Barometers, vital tools in meteorology, are used to measure atmospheric pressure, providing crucial data for weather analysis and forecasting. The ability to predict short-term weather changes with the help of a barometer has revolutionized meteorology, especially after the introduction of weather stations equipped with barometers in the 1800s, resulting in . . . Read more

Who Invented Vegemite

Vegemite is an Australian savory spread made from yeast extract, spices and vegetable additives. It is a popular spread in Australia and is commonly used on toast, sandwiches, crackers as well as an ingredient in other recipes. Vegemite is best known for its black appearance and unique taste, which is . . . Read more

Who Invented Morse Code and the Telegraph

Morse code is a system of transmitting words and symbols via tones, lights or clicks. These can only be understood after decoding, which can be done by a trained listener. Each letter, number or other symbol is made up of short and long signals called “dots” and “dashes”, also called . . . Read more

Who Invented Snow Globes

A snow globe is a sphere shaped object, usually made of glass or clear plastic, which features a miniature model or scene. The sphere is sealed and filled with water and small white particles are used as snow. When the snow globe is shaken or turned upside down the simulated . . . Read more

Who Invented the First Video Game Console

A video game console is a specialist electronic device that allows users to play interactive games on a display device (typically a television). Currently, the vast majority of video game systems are made by Sony (PlayStation brand), Microsoft (Xbox brand) and Nintendo (Wii brand). The video game industry is worth . . . Read more

Who Invented the Waterbed

A waterbed is basically a mattress/bed that is filled with water. There are two main models of this type of bed – those with a hard side and those with a soft side. The outside material is a soft PVC (or similar) material which keeps the water contained within. There . . . Read more

Who Invented the Electric Drill

A drill is a tool that can be used for cutting or for drilling holes into various types of materials such as wood, metal and plastics. A drill bit can be interchanged to change the diameter of the hole made or the action of the drill. An electric drill is a handheld tool that is powered by electricity rather than being hand cranked. Electric drills can have power cords or run from a battery (these are called cordless drills). Electric drills allow for different speeds and applications such as drilling, grinding or screwing. So who invented the electric drill? Read this article to find out.

Who Invented the Shipping Container (Intermodal Container)

A shipping container, properly known as an intermodal container, is a large steel rectangular box shaped container used for transporting goods over long distances. These containers are standard size to ensure that they can be stacked on ships, trucks and trains for transport around the world. This standardized size and shape also allows to transfer between these modes of transport without first unloading the contents. The invention of the intermodal container was a revolution in the shipping industry and more items are shipped in this way than any other form of transport. Let’s find out who invented the intermodal container.

Who Invented Bakelite

Bakelite, also known as polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride, is a plastic created by an elimination reaction of phenol and formaldehyde. It is made from synthetic components and was one of the first plastics to be made in this way. It was very popular after its invention and was used for many applications. It was heat resistant and didn’t conduct electricity, which meant that it was commonly used for electrical insulators as well as telephone and radio casings. It was also a popular material for kitchenware, children’s toys, jewelry and much more. Bakelite is rarely used today because it is brittle and costs more to make than other plastics. However, products made from bakelite remain popular with collectors of retro items. Let’s find out who invented this type of plastic.