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Who Was The First Governor Of Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the United States of America. Texas shares a border with Mexico, New Mexico, Arkansas and Louisiana. The capital city of Texas is Austin but the largest and most international recognized city in Texas is Houston. Texas has a plural executive branch system of government. This means that Texas has both a house of representatives and a senate. The head of the government system in Texas is the Governor.

Who Was The President Of The Confederacy

The Confederacy, officially the Confederate States of America, was a group of 11 Southern States of the United States that declared secession from the United States in 1861. These states were unhappy following the election of the Republican Party who were against slavery. The secession was rejected by the US government and no other country recognized the government of the Confederacy. In 1961 tensions between the two governments led to the American Civil War. If you want to know who was the leader of the Confederacy, keep reading to find out.

Who was the First President of Mexico

Like many other countries, Mexico has a rich and interesting history. It can be traced back to many great civilizations including the Aztec Empire. One of the pivotal points in Mexican history is one the Spanish colonized the region by overthrowing the Aztec empire in 1521. Mexico was under Spanish rule until independence was declared in 1810. This led to the Mexican war of Independence which lasted until 1821 when Mexico finally achieved independence on September 27. Just three years a new constitution was adopted and the United Mexican States (better known as Mexico) was born. Let’s take a look at who became the first president after these events.

Who was the First Female Pharaoh

The Pharaoh was the ruler of ancient Egypt. The title actually means “Great House” and was not used to refer to the king until about 1400BC.The pharaoh held the highest responsibly in the Kingdom. Many pharaoh’s built the magnificent structures that have made ancient Egypt so famous today. Pharaoh’s were mostly male, but there are at least 6 known pharaohs from ancient Egypt.

Who was the First Prime Minister of Great Britain

Great Britain, also called the United Kingdom, is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The head of the United Kingdom is the reigning King or Queen (currently Queen Elizabeth II), but the head of the government is the Prime Minister. Following the long held tradition, the Prime Minister of the UK lives at 10 Downing Street in London. Although the role is somewhat different, and has changed over the years, the Prime Minister is considered to be the British equivalent of the president of the United States.

Who Was the First President of the United States

The United States is the oldest surviving federation(union of self-governing states). It is a constitutional republic and representative democracy. The president is the leader of the country and may serve up to eight years before stepping down. The president is not directly elected, but citizens vote for electors, that represent their state, who pledge to vote for a specific presidential candidate. You might be wondering who was the first president of the United States? Read on to find out.

Who was the First Civilian in Space

For years countries have worked hard to construct and launch spaceships into space. Many of these space ships were unmanned and of those that were manned, professional astronauts and military personnel guided their flights. Many people are interested to know who was the first civilian in space. A civilian in this case is a person who is neither an astronaut nor a military or government official.

Who Was The First Female Recipient Of A Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prizes are awards given to those who have made outstanding contributions to the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Peace, Physiology or Medicine and Economics. They are awarded each year by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Swedish Academy, the Karolinska Institute, and the Norwegian Nobel Committee. The original noble prizes, which included all the prizes except for the economics award, were established in 1895 by Alfred Nobel. Later in 1968 the Nobel prize in Economics, or The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, was established by the Sveriges Riksbank, the central bank of Sweden, for outstanding contributions in the field of Economics. Different Noble prizes are awarded by different committees. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is responsible for awarding the Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, and Economics. The Swedish Academy awards the prize for Literature. The Karolinska Institute awards the Prize in Physiology or Medicine, and the Norwegian Nobel Committee awards the Prize in Peace. As of 2010, a total of 751 men and 41 women have been awarded Nobel prizes.

Who was the first man to travel into space

It was 1955 when both the United States and the Soviet Union announced that they were going to launch satellites into space. This was the beginning of the space race. Both countries were successful in launching a satellite and began to race towards launching the first man into space.