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Who Won the First Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is an international tournament for One Day International (ODI) cricket. The finals of the tournament are held every four to five years and it is considered to be the premiere international tournament in the sport. All of the full (Test-playing) members of the International Cricket Council . . . Read more

Who Won the First French Open (Roland Garros) Tournament

The French Open, also known as Roland Garros of by the official French title “Les internationaux de France de Tennis, Roland Garros” is a yearly tennis tournament that is held in May/June each year. The name comes from the Stade Roland Garros (English: Roland Garros Stadium), which was named after . . . Read more

Who Won the First Tour de France

The Tour de France is a multi stage cycling race held each year in France (although the race sometimes passes through surrounding countries). The Tour de France is the oldest and most prestigious cycling event in the world and winning the title is considered to be the pinnacle for road . . . Read more

Who Won the First US Open (Tennis) Tournament

The US Open (official title: United States Open Tennis Championships) is an annual tennis tournament held in August-September in New York City. It is one of the four major tennis tournaments (along with the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon) and is also one of the oldest tennis championships in . . . Read more

Who Won the First Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is the most famous thoroughbred horse race in Australia. It is often called “the race that stops the nation” and parties are held to celebrate the race across the whole country. It is a 3,200 meter (almost 3500 yards or 2 miles) handicap race, which means that . . . Read more

Who Won the First PGA Championship

The PGA Championship is a professional golf tournament that is held each year at a selection of prestigious golf courses in the United States. It is one of the four major golf championships and winning the tournament has many financial and professional benefits for a golfer. The modern tournament is . . . Read more

Who Won the First Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl is an annual college football game usually played on New Year’s Day (January 1). It is the oldest college bowl game and is often considered to be the most important. Currently, the Rose Bowl is played between the Pacific-12 and the Big Ten conference champions (unless those teams are involved in the national championship game). The first Rose Bowl was played on January 1, 1902, at Tournament Park in Pasadena, California. Let’s find out who won the first ever Rose Bowl.

Who Won the First FA Cup Final

The FA Cup (official title: The Football Association Challenge Cup) is the oldest and one of the most prestigious domestic football (soccer) cup competitions in the world. It is run by the Football Association (the governing body of the sport in England) and is a knockout style tournament. Entry is open to all of the professional teams in England and teams in the first 5 levels of the National League System, with selected teams from the 6th level (758 clubs competed in the 2012-13 season). This means that both professional and amateur clubs can compete in the competition and on some occasions a lowly ranked team will beat a more professional opponent! Teams are drawn to play each other at random and the winner advances to the next round (a replay is held if the first match is a draw). Eventually the 2 remaining teams compete in the FA Cup Final and the winner is presented with the trophy simply known as the “FA Cup.” Let’s find out who won the inaugural FA Cup.

Who Won the First Miss America Pageant

The Miss America Pageant is a female beauty pageant that is open to U.S. citizens between the ages of 17 and 24. The process for entry into the national pageant begins with winning a local competition and then the state competition. The state winners go on to compete for the title of Miss America, which they hold for one year until a new winner is announced. Contestants are judged on the results of a personal interview, talent, lifestyle and fitness (swimsuit), evening wear and onstage question. Miss America is known as a scholarship pageant, which means that prizes for the winner and runners-up are college scholarships. The Miss America pageant is one of the best known beauty pageants and it has been televised on network television since 1954. Let’s find out who won the inaugural Miss America beauty pageant.

Who Won the First Brownlow Medal

The Brownlow Medal, also known as the Charles Brownlow Trophy or “Charlie”, is the most prestigious individual award in the Australian Football League (the highest professional competition of Australian Rules Football). It is awarded to the “best and fairest” player throughout the regular season. Under the current system, after each game the 3 field umpires determine the 3 best players in that game and award them 1-3 votes (3 being the best player). The player with the most votes at the end of the season is awarded the medal and multiple medals are awarded if the voting is tied. To be eligible for the award a player must not have been suspended by the AFL Tribunal during the season. The medal was first awarded in 1924, when the league was known as the Victorian Football League, and was named after Geelong footballer and administrator Charles Brownlow who died earlier that year. Let’s find out who won the inaugural Brownlow Medal.