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Chris Pratt Movie List

Chris Pratt is a celebrity actor who rose to prominence on the small screen with roles in the television series “Everwood” and “Parks and Recreation.” He has since transferred this success over to the large screen with roles in the hit movies “Moneyball,” “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” He got his break in the industry when he was discovered by director Rae Dawn Chong while he was waiting tables in Hawaii. She cast him in her short film in 2000. However, his big break came with a reoccurring role in “Everwood” in 2002. He has made a promising start to his feature film career and could become a genuine A-List star with a bit of luck on his side.
The Actor Chris Pratt
Movie Title/Year/Character

Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 Peter Quill
The Lego Movie 2014 Emmet Brickowoski
Timms Valley 2013 Donovan Timms
Delivery Man 2013 Brett
Her 2013 Paul
Movie 43 2013 Jason (segment)
Zero Dark Thirty 2012 Justin – DEVGRU
The Five-Year Engagement 2012 Alex Eilhauer
Kinect Star Wars: Duel 2012 Obi Wan Kenobi
What’s Your Number? 2011 Disgusting Donald
10 Years 2011 Cully
2011 Moneyball 2011 Scott Hatteberg
Take Me Home Tonight 2011 Kyle Masterson
Jennifer’s Body 2009 Roman Duda
Deep in the Valley 2009 Lester Watts
Bride Wars 2009 Fletcher
Wanted 2008 Barry
Wieners 2008 Bobby
Walk the Talk 2007 Cam
Path of Destruction 2005 Nathan McCain
Strangers with Candy 2005 Brason
The Extreme Team 2003 Keenan

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