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Dangers of Fast Food

Here are some of the potential dangers of eating fast foods.

  • They are very addictive! Many children cannot handle the hits of sugar and caffeine (from coke for instance) that they eat and drink.
  • Fast foods are very high in carbohydrates, very low in fiber and very high in fat. This is why people who eat a lot of fast foods usually put on a lot of weight. Child obesity has increased considerably in the past 10 years.
  • Studies show that improved diets, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and lots of grains, improves general health and moods in both children and adults.
  • Many fast foods have lots and lots of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. None of these are very good for your health. They are even worse for children as their bodies cannot handle all the chemicals.
  • High fructose corn syrup, an addictive that is put in soda, has been associated with increased risks of Type II diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Fast foods have been linked to cholesterol levels rising and raising of blood pressure (due to the high sodium content). Therefore, the risk of strokes is much higher.
  • Some people argue that eating chickens that have been pumped with hormones is dangerous, and may lead to an earlier onset of puberty. However, it is illegal to sell chicken that has been given hormones in the United States and Australia (and probably other countries as well)
  • There are many concerns from animal rights activists (PETA, for instance) who argue that raising and killing chickens for food is inhumane.
  • Ever seen Super Size Me? One guy ate McDonalds every day for one month. He gained 20 pounds and experienced sever liver problems. The liver doctor begged him to pull out after 20 days!
  • Fast foods have very little good nutritional value. You are much better off cooking at home. It is not hard! Try our easy tortilla soup recipes and the best beef stew recipe.

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