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Emily Watson Movie List

Emily Watson is a British actress who began professional acting on the stage, which included work with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Her first major film role came in 1996 with the lead role in the movie “Breaking the Waves” after the lead actress dropped out at the last minute. The film received much critical acclaim and Watson was nominated for an Oscar. Just 2 years later she was nominated for another Academy Award and her career never looked back. The following is a list of movies that Emily Watson has acted in during her career.

Movie Title/Year/Character

Anna Karenina 2012 Countess Lydia
War Horse 2011 Rose Narracott
Oranges and Sunshine 2010 Margaret Humphreys
Cemetery Junction 2010 Mrs Kendrick
Within the Whirlwind 2009 Evgenia Ginzburg
Cold Souls 2009 Claire
Synecdoche, New York 2008 Tammy
The Memory Keeper’s Daughter 2008 Caroline Gil
Fireflies in the Garden 2008 Jane Lawrence
The Water Horse 2007 Anne MacMorrow
Miss Potter 2006 Millie Warne
Crusade in Jeans 2006 Mary Vega
Separate Lies 2005 Anne Manning
Corpse Bride 2005 Victoria Everglot
Wah-Wah 2005 Ruby Compton
The Proposition 2005 Martha Stanley
The Life & Death of Peter Sellers 2004 Anne Sellers
The Snurks 2004 Alanta (English version)
Equilibrium 2002 Mary O’Brien
Red Dragon 2002 Reba McClane
Punch-Drunk Love 2002 Lena Leonard
Gosford Park 2001 Elsie
The Luzhin Defence 2000 Natalia Katkov
Trixie 2000 Trixie Zurbo
Angela’s Ashes 1999 Angela McCourt
Cradle Will Rock 1999 Olive Stanton
Hilary and Jackie 1998 Jackie Du Pré
The Boxer 1997 Maggie
Metroland 1997 Marion
The Mill on the Floss 1997 Maggie Tulliver
Breaking the Waves 1996 Bess McNeill
A Summer Day’s Dream 1994 Rosalie

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