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Ethan Hawke Movie List

Ethan Hawke is a celebrity actor who initially wanted to be a writer, but persuaded his mother to allow him to try acting. He landed his first film role in 1985, but it offered limited commercial exposure for Hawke. He decided instead to attend Carnegie-Mellon University to study acting, but he landed a breakthrough role in Dead Poets Society so he abandoned his college degree. He has since acted in many films and worked extensively on the stage. He has also pursued a writing career and has also directed a couple of films. He has been nominated for 2 Academy Awards (one for acting and one for writing). The following is a list of movies that Ethan Hawke has acted in during his career so far.

Movie Title/Year/Character
Ethan Hawke at a movie premiere.
Getaway 2013 Brent Magna
The Purge 2013 James Sandin
Before Midnight 2013 Jesse Wallace
Total Recall 2012
Sinister 2012 Ellison Oswalt
Exit Strategy 2012 Eric Shaw
The Woman in the Fifth 2011 Tom Ricks
Daybreakers 2009 Edward Dalton
Staten Island 2009 Sully Halverson
Brooklyn’s Finest 2009 Sal
New York, I Love You 2009 Writer (segment)
What Doesn’t Kill You to thousands a Paulie McDougan
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead 2007 Hank
The Hottest State 2006 Vince
Fast Food Nation 2006 Pete
Lord of War 2005 Jack Valentine
One Last Thing… 2005 Earl Jameison
Assault on Precinct 13 2005 Sgt. Jake Roenick
Taking Lives 2004 Costa
Before Sunset 2004 Jesse
Chelsea Walls 2001 Sam
The Jimmy Show 2001 Ray
Training Day 2001 Jake Hoyt
Tape 2001 Vince
Waking Life 2001 Jesse
Hamlet 2000 Hamlet
Snow Falling on Cedars 1999 Ishmael Chambers
Joe the King 1999 Len Coles
The Velocity of Gary* *(Not His Real Name) 1998 Nat
The Newton Boys 1998 Jess Newton
Great Expectations 1998 Finnegan Bell
Gattaca 1997 Vincent Freeman
Search and Destroy 1995 Roger
Before Sunrise 1995 Jesse
Quiz Show 1994 Don Quixote Student
White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf 1994 Jack Conroy
Reality Bites 1994 Troy Dyer
Floundering 1994 Jimmy
Alive 1993 Nando Parrado
Rich in Love 1992 Wayne Frobiness
Waterland 1992 Matthew Price
A Midnight Clear 1992 Sgt. Will Knott
Mystery Date 1991 Tom McHugh
White Fang 1991 Jack Conroy
Dad 1989 Billy
Dead Poets Society 1989 Todd Anderson
Explorers 1985 Ben Crandall

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