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Facts About Koalas

Koalas are marsupials which are native to Australia. Here are some interesting facts about koalas that you may not have heard before.

Facts About Koalas

  • Koalas are not found in two states of Australia- Tasmania and Western Australia.
  • Koalas are sometimes called ‘koala bears’. Koalas, however, are not bears. People started calling them koala bears as they look like teddy bears.
  • They have large and very sharp claws to help them climb trees.
  • Koalas are one of the few species of mammals that have fingerprints. They are very similar to human fingerprints and it is difficult to distinguish between the two.
  • They are herbivores- which means that they do not eat any meat. They mainly eat eucalypt leaves (from eucalyptus trees).
  • Koalas sleep for up to 18 hours a day. What a life!
  • Some koalas have attacked humans when they have been disturbed.
  • On average, koalas eat 500g (18oz) of eucalyptus leaves everyday!
  • Koalas very rarely have twins.
  • Baby koalas are called ‘joeys’. This is the same name given to baby kangaroos). Joeys stay with their mothers for up to 12 months after they are born.
  • They can live up to 18 years in captivity. It is unknown how long they can live in the wild.
  • Koalas are usually silent.

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