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Facts About Reptiles

Reptiles are air-breathing and cold-blooded animals that have skin covered in scales. Here are some interesting and fun facts about reptiles.

Facts About Reptiles

  • Most reptiles lay eggs, but a few species give birth to live babies.
  • Unlike mammals, reptiles cannot regulate their own temperature. This is why they are classified as cold-blooded. They must rely on the sun to heat them up.
  • There are over 8,000 species of reptiles living on the planet.
  • Most reptiles have a three-chamber heart. Crocodiles and alligators are an exception- they have four-chamber hearts.
  • All reptiles breath using lungs. Turtles have permeable skin which allows gas exchange, but they would not be able to survive without their lungs!
  • Like mammals, reptiles have two small kidneys.
  • Compared to mammals and birds, reptiles are not considered very intelligent. However, crocodiles do show a complex social structure and Komodo dragons (a venomous lizard) have been observed playing with each other.
  • Reptiles live in almost any climate. They cannot survive in Antarctica as it is too cold (remember, they need heat to survive)!
  • Snakes and lizards are the most abundant reptiles. They ‘smell’ using their tongues! They flick their tongues to capture scent particles and work out where to find some tasty food!
  • Reptiles don’t have sweat glands.

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Thanks to Reptile Knowledge for some of the facts!

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