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Henry Cavill Movie List

Henry Cavill is a celebrity actor who began acting in school plays, which was where he discovered his love of acting. He began his career in the early 2000′s and it wasn’t long before he was attracting attention. Unfortunately, in the mid 2000′s he missed out on a string of leading roles in big budget films (including the role of Superman and James Bond) for a number of reasons. However, he laded a leading role in the hit television series “The Tudors”, which helped to further his career. He looks to have a very promising career ahead of him and could be a genuine a-list star. The following is a list of movies that Henry Cavill has acted in during his career so far.

Movie Title/Year/Character

Man of Steel 2013 Clark Kent / Superman
The Cold Light of Day 2012 Will
Immortals 2011 Theseus
Whatever Works 2009 Randy
Town Creek 2009 Evan Marshall
Stardust 2007 Humphrey
Red Riding Hood 2007 The Hunter
Tristan + Isolde 2006 Melot
Hellraiser: Hellworld 2005 Mike
I Capture the Castle 2003 Stephen Colley
Goodbye, Mr. Chips 2002 Soldier Colley
The Count of Monte Cristo 2002 Albert Mondego
Laguna 2001 Thomas Aprea

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