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How and When did Frank Sinatra Die

Frank Sinatra was a popular singer and actor who is widely regarded as one of the top performers of all time. He began his singing career in the 1930’s, but success didn’t come until the 1940’s when he was asked to sing in Tommy Dorsey’s band. It wasn’t long before he was topping the charts and in 1942 he left the band to forge one of the most successful solo careers of all time. He was active for 50 years and in this time won 11 Grammy Awards and sold more than 150 million albums and singles, which makes him one of the most successful singers of all time. Along with this he also launched his own record label and became a successful Academy Award winning actor. Sinatra was actively performing until the final few years of his life. Let’s find out how Frank Sinatra died and when this occurred.

End of a career
The last public Sinatra performances came in 1994 when it was clear to many that he was beginning to suffer with poor health. He last sang before a live audience in February 1995 at a private party. His last televised performance came later the same year at the end of his birthday celebrations.

Failing health
Those close to Sinatra recognized the signs of dementia in his laster years, and these signs were later picked up by others. In his last performances it was clear that his memory was failing him and he suffered a fall during a performance in 1994. He was also known to be suffering from heart, kidney and bladder disease during his last years. In February 1997 he suffered a heart attack.

Sinatra died at 10:50 p.m. on May 14, 1998 after earlier suffering another heart attack. He died at 82 years of age with his wife Barbara by his side. The official cause of death was complications arising from dementia, heart disease, kidney disease and bladder cancer.

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