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How and When did Winston Churchill Die

Sir Winston Churchill was a British politician and one of the best known British Prime Ministers of all time. He led the United Kingdom during World War II and is regarded by many as one of the best wartime leaders in history. He was also widely respected as an artist, historian, and writer and won a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953 for his many published works. Churchill served two terms as Prime Minister, from 1940-1945 and from 1951-1955. The second term came to an end when his health started to fail. Let’s take a look at the final years of Churchill’s life.

Failing Health
Churchill suffered a mild stroke in 1949 and he seemed to make a full recovery without any ill effects. He suffered a far more serious stroke in June 1953, which affected his speech and ability to walk. The news of this was withheld from the public and the British Parliament and the official news was that he was suffering from exhaustion. He went to the country to recover and returned to public life in October of the same year. He continued as Prime Minster until 1955 when he realized that his health and mind were failing him. The next year he suffered another mild stroke and made another successful recovery.

Last Years
Churchill continued as a member of parliament until he stood down at the 1964 elections. In the later years of his term he had to be brought into the parliament in a wheelchair. As his physical and mental health began to suffer he spiraled into depression, which he had battled all of his life. He fought to keep up public appearances even after retiring, but on January 15, 1965, he suffered a severe stroke. He died at home 9 days later at the age of 90. He was given a state funeral, which was the largest funeral of this type in world history.

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