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How are French Fries Made

French fries, also known as chips, are one of the most popular fried foods in the world. French fries are basically strips of deep fried potato and can be made at home by cutting the potato into strips and frying in hot oil. However, fast food restaurants don’t have time to cut fresh potatoes into strips to serve their customers and instead use frozen French fries. These are delivered to the store in large bags and are be fried in oil to serve to the customer. Frozen French fries are also available from the grocery store for cooking at home. Let’s take a look at how these are made.

How are frozen French Fries made?
The manufacturing process begins with raw potatoes that are delivered to the factory. These are still dirty from growing in the soil and must be cleaned and washed before they can be made into French fries. The potatoes are then sorted into sizes and are then steamed to allow easy removal of the skins. The peeled potatoes are inspected by a human to remove any rotten or green potatoes. The potatoes are then sliced into French fries and are checked by a camera for any remaining flaws. The sliced potatoes are then soaked into a water tank to remove sugar from the potato. They are then blanched, put in hot water and then into cold water, to make the French fries firmer. The French Fries are then fried for 2 minutes in vegetable oil. This oil is drained and the French fries are frozen. These are then packaged into bags and shipped out to restaurants and grocery stores.

The following video shows the process for making French fries in a large factory:

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