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How are Hot Dogs Made

Hot dogs are one of the most popular types of fast food. They are usually served hot on a bun with various garnishes such as; mustard, ketchup, relish and/or onions. They are usually pinkish in color, but can be also be brown. If you have ever wanted to know how a hot dog is made, continue reading to find out.

How are hot dogs made?
The first step in the process of making hot dogs is to prepare the ground meat. Traditionally hot dogs are made from a combination of ground beef, pork, and chicken; although turkey is also used in some cases. The pork and beef enter the factory as trimmings, which are the pieces of meat that are left over from the butchering process. These trimmings are ground in a large grinder to produce ground meat. Chicken trimmings are added to this mix as well as salt and other flavorings. Water is then added to this mixture and everything is blended together. This is then pureed into a fine paste and the air is removed. Long tubes of cellulose are loaded onto a machine and the meat paste is pumped into the tube. The machine then twists the tube at 13 cm (5 1/4 in.) to create the length of hot dogs we are all familiar with. The hot dogs are then showered with liquid smoke for flavoring and are then placed in an oven for cooking. They are then chilled with water and sent to have their casing removed. The casing is removed by a peeling machine, and the hot dogs are then packed for shipping.

The following video shows how traditional hot dogs are made in a large factory.

Did you know?
Some hot dogs are made from mechanically separated meat. This process forces the leftover portions of the animal carcasses through a sieve, which separates the leftover edible matter from the bone to create a meat paste. Hot dogs made with this type of meat must be labeled.

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