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How are Mattresses Made

There are so many mattresses on the market today from simple foam mattresses to the top of the range latex rubber mattresses. No matter which one you buy it serves the same purpose, something to sleep on. What many people don’t know about mattresses is how they are made. Many are not just simply cut from a piece of foam, covered in material and then sent to store to be sold. The process is much more complicated and intricate. The following article will give you an idea about how mattresses are made.

The Construction of a Mattress
Every mattress has three basic components, the innerspring support system, the comfort layers and the exterior fabric. Some mattresses also come with a box spring. The first section of the mattress to be constructed is the innerspring support system. This is made from a series of wire coils or springs, between 250 and 1,000 springs are used in a standard mattress and this depends on the size. There are four different types of springs used in mattresses, the Bonnell, the offset, the continuous and the pocket system. The springs that are used are attached to each other with strong stiff wire.

Next a layer of upholstery called the insulator is attached directly to the innersprings by hand. This made be made from materials such as inflexible wire mesh and foam. The insulators job is to stop the next layer called the cushioning from molding to the springs. The cushioning layer is applied next and is comprised of different densities of foam, polyester and other natural fibers such as cotton pads. The number of cushioning layers applied depends on the quality of the mattress. The top comfort layer is called the quilt and is made of light foam or fibers attached to the ticking. The ticking is the cover that is applied to the mattress. This and the quilted top layer of the mattress are sewn together on large mechanical sewing machines. This material is cut into the covering for the top, bottom and sides of the mattress and flanges are attached with large, round fabric staples. These flanges are used to connect the mattress cover to the innersprings. Once this is done the mattress ticking is sewn together using border tape. This is fed through a specially designed machine that sews the material closed and gives the mattress its final finish.

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