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How are the Grammy Awards Decided

The Grammy Awards is an annual awards ceremony that recognizes outstanding achievement in the music industry. The ceremony began in 1959 and since this time has run by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) of the United States. As of 2012 there are 78 award categories and the winners take home a Grammy Award. The awards are named after the trophy, which is shaped as a gramophone. The Grammy Awards are often seen as the music equivalent of an Academy Awards (film), Emmy Awards (TV) and Tony Awards (stage). Let’s take a look at how the Grammy Award winners are chosen.

How are the Grammy Award winners determined?
The first step in the process in the nominations. These nominations are usually made by the record companies, but they can also be made by individuals. More than 150 recoding industry experts then review the work and determine its eligibility. If it is eligible it is placed in the correct category for the first round of voting. All of the members of NARAS then vote on the submissions and the 5 submissions with the most votes in each category become the official nominees. The final vote is also conducted by NARAS members who are allowed to vote in the 4 general categories and in 8 of the 30 fields. The votes are counted secretly by an independent firm and the winners are announced at the Grammy Awards ceremony.

Did you know?
NARAS members are strongly encouraged to only vote in their fields of expertise. However, they are allowed to cast votes in any field they choose.

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