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How Do Black Holes Form

A black hole is an area in space with such a strong gravitational field that not even light can escape from it. This is the reason that a black hole appears black. Interestingly, a black hole is not actually a hole at all and it is not empty. It contains a large mass of material in a tiny space thus its incredible gravitational field. They are simply called black hole because that’s what they look like in space.

The Formation of Black Holes
Black holes are thought to form when huge stars go supernova. This means that the star becomes so heavy that it cannot support its own weight due to the fact that it can no longer generate the energy it requires. The star begins to compress as the huge layers of hydrogen that make up a star press down on the stars center. The start continues to get smaller and smaller until it is about the size of a single atom. As it becomes smaller its gravity increases and it begins to pull in anything that gets caught in the gravitational field, including light.

A black hole has three main components. The first is the outer event horizon. In this section that gravity of the collapsed star starts to be felt. It would be possible to pull away from the gravity of the black hole here. The next component is the middle event horizon. The gravity here is very strong and will pull anything caught in towards the center of the black hole. Once an object has reached this part of the black hole it will, inevitably, be pulled into the center. Lastly is the singularity. This is the collapsed star and is where all the matter that has been pulled into the black hole ends up.

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