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How Do Plants Grow

It is amazing to watch a plant grow from a tiny little seed into a full grown tomato bush, daffodil, wheat crop or hedge. But how exactly do plants grow? What do they need to blossom from that little seed you planted to a mature plant? Read on to find out.

The Basics All Plants Need To Grow
There are a few basic things that all plants need to grow. Firstly they need good rich soils that has plenty of mineral and nutrients. This enables the plant to manufacture their food. A plant also requires water. The water combined with the minerals and nutrients in the soil help the plant create food and grow. Thirdly most plants require sunlight. It uses the sunlight in a process called photosynthesis to create sugars to help it live.

How Do Plants Grow?
The process begins with germination. The seed that is planted in the ground contains an embryonic plant and stored food. The embryonic plant begins to grow by using the stored food. When the seed is watered it softens the outside of the seed or seed coat allowing the now growing plant to break through. The tiny plant begins to grow both downward and upward. The plant develops a root system which both anchors the plant and draws mineral, nutrients and water out of the soil. The first leaves or cotyledons will begin to appear out of the soil. The plant will continue to develop its root system. It will grow upwards as its cells multiply. The plant will develop new leaves to help with the process of photosynthesis. The plant will also flower or produce fruit leading to reproduction. The new seed will be planted and the process will begin again.

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