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How do you block a website

There are many reasons that you may need to block a website such as filtering adult material, blocking chat programs, block workers from accessing social networking sites etc. Fortunately the process of blocking a website is very straight forward and, depending on the technique, quite effective. This article will explain how to block a website.

The following are the most popular ways of blocking websites and/or Internet content.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Your ISP may be able to place a block on certain websites/content if you ask them. Some ISP’s even offer child safe filtering as part of their service (usually for an additional cost). The main benefit of this type of block is that it cannot be easily bypassed.


Many models of router allow you to block websites and/or keywords with their configuration utility. You can log into the router and add these filters. It is also a good idea to change the default router password so that no one else can access it. This is also a very strong method of blocking as is not easy to bypass.


Filtering software is the most popular form of blocking websites. The software runs on the computer and detects when a user is trying to access a restricted page. The main benefits of filtering software is that it can be adjusted to different levels of filtering for each different user and it can be set to keep user logs. Unfortunately, software filtering is the most easy to bypass as it will only work while the software is running and each computer must have the software installed.

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