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How Does Dropbox Work

Dropbox is an internet based cloud storage system. The service provides users with the ability to upload files, such as documents, music, pictures, and movies, from a computer or smartphone onto the Dropbox server for safe keeping and easy access. You are able to access these files from anywhere in the world and share them with only those people that you choose to. The Dropbox service is free with limited storage capacity and extra capacity is available for a monthly fee.

How does dropbox work?
The process of adding a file to your Dropbox is simple. You can either install the program on a computer, which provides a folder on your computer that you can place files in, install the app on your smartphone or use the web based interface. Once the files are uploaded the user can access them from any computer or supported device with an internet connection. This means that anything that is placed into the Dropbox is automatically saved and available on any personal devices that have Dropbox installed.

It works on the principle of cloud computing. Any files that are uploaded into the Dropbox are stored on the Dropbox servers. Dropbox as a provider allows you to store information on their server and access this information when you require it. So, rather than storing the information on your own hard drive it is stored externally. This makes it much simpler and convenient to access your files from multiple supported devices and they can also be accessed directly off the Dropbox website. It also allows you to work on a file on multiple computers and keep the latest version of the document in sync.

If you need others to be able to access your Dropbox files it is as simple as sending them a link. This is a great way to transfer large files and pictures or to allow multiple people to work on the same document.

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  1. You left out the part where Dropbox stores a copy of every file you “upload” to their servers on your hard drive, so you’ve got a second copy of the file. If you run short of hard drive space you can’t store any more files in your Dropbox folder unless you choose to “selectively sync” folders.

  2. Thank you, Wayne Welsh, for your comment! I was trying to figure out exactly what you explained, because running out of hard drive space on one of my computers was messing up my Dropbox syncing. I went through the 4 top results for “How does Dropbox work?” and wasted almost half an hour, but none of them covered this crucial point! I have now successfully changed my “selective syncing” preferences, and I should be all set. Thank you for commenting!

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