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How Does Kennel Cough Spread

Kennel cough, also known as canine cough, is a medical condition that affects all breeds of dog. It is caused by a variety of different bacterial and viral infections, which cause inflammation of the respiratory system. The symptoms include; harsh dry cough, retching, snorting, sneezing, vomiting and gagging. It usually lasts for 10-20 days and can reoccur if the dog faces a stressful situation. In serious cases it can progress into pneumonia. It is highly contagious and quickly spreads between dogs, especially if they are kept close together. Continue reading to find out how kennel cough spreads.

How is kennel cough transmitted?
The viruses and bacteria that cause kennel cough are spread through the air as infected dogs cough or sneeze. It is also spread through contact with contaminated surfaces such as toys, dog bowls and even the ground. It is a highly contagious condition and it has been reported to remain contagious weeks after the symptoms disappear. Some of the bacteria and viruses that cause kennel cough can cause medical problems for humans, but this mainly affects people with a compromised immune system.

The common treatment for kennel cough is antibiotics and cough suppressants. The viruses that cause the disease can be prevented through vaccination. Other prevention techniques include disinfecting kennels and other areas that an infected dog has been, as well as isolating infected animals.

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