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How is Almond Milk Made

Almond milk is an alternative to animal milk made from almonds. It contains no lactose, which means that it is suitable for people for lactose intolerant. It also contains no animal products, which means that it can be consumed on a vegan diet. It can be used in most of the same ways as regular milk. Almond milk has been made since the middle ages because it was suitable for lent and it kept better than cow’s milk without refrigeration. Let’s take a look at how almond milk is made.

How is almond milk made?
The process for making almond milk is surprisingly simple and it can easily be done in the home kitchen. In the first step the almonds are soaked in water for about a day. They are then placed in a blender with water and are mixed until the mixture becomes smooth. This mixture is then filtered to remove the pulp. Sweetener/s and vanilla is then added to the mixture (most commercial almond milk contains these ingredients) and the almond milk is bottled/packaged for shipping.

Making your own almond milk
To make you own almond milk you simply need to soak a cup of almonds in about 4 cups of water overnight. You then add this mixture to a blender and blend it until it is smooth (you can add extra water to think the milk down if required). Add any sweetener or flavor for taste and then strain the mixture through a cheesecloth.

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