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How is Cotton Yarn Made

Silk is a natural fiber that grows as a protective layer around the seeds of the cotton plant. Cotton is commonly spun to create a yarn or thread that that is used in the textile industry. The use of cotton as a textile dates back to at least 5000 BC, but it didn’t come into widespread use until the invention of the cotton gin. This machine was invented in 1793 and quickly and easily separates the cotton fiber from the seeds. If you want to know how the fluffy cotton is processed for use in the textile industry, continue reading to find out.

How is cotton yarn made?
The first step in the process is to pick the cotton from the field, which is done with a large cotton picking machine. The cotton is then processed in a modern cotton gin to remove the seeds from the cotton fiber. The yarn manufacturer then receives bales of raw cotton with the seeds removed. This bale of cotton is then broken up into smaller amounts for blending and cleaning. The cotton is then combed to untangle the fibers and create rows of fibers that all line up in the same direction. These rows are then coiled together with a machine to form a loose yarn. This loose yarn is stretched twice to strengthen the yarn and to make it thinner. It is then stretched again to create a thin type of yarn that is very strong. This yarn is then fed into a winding machine where it is wound onto a spool and it is then packaged for shipping.

The following video shows this process in more detail:

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