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How is Gelato Made

Gelato is a form of ice cream that contains little to no air. It is made from milk, cream, sugar/s and flavorings that are usually derived from fruit and nuts. Gelato also usually contains egg and the simple base recipe can be flavored in a variety of ways. The word gelato is Italian in origin and comes from the Latin word “gel?tus” which means frozen. Dairy gelato is generally higher in sugar than ice cream, but lower in fat. Traditional gelato uses fruit and nut purees to flavor the product so they don’t usually contain as many artificial colors and flavors. How is this delicious, frozen treat made? Read this article to find out.

How is gelato made?
All types of frozen ice-cream treats require a stabilizer. The stabilizer in gelato is usually egg. Gelato can be made with either dairy such as milk and cream or can be a water-based, fruit flavored frozen dessert. Modern gelato producers make gelato in one of two ways, hot process or cold process.

Hot Process
In this gelato making process the ingredients for the gelato are placed inside a pasteurizer. This heats the ingredients to 85°C for 5 seconds and then drops the temperature to 5°C. This ensures that the ingredients are free from bacteria, but also allows the stabilizers and emulsifiers to act correctly. The gelato is then placed in a batch freezer. Here the mixture is frozen quickly and stirred to incorporate a small amount of air and to stop the formation of ice crystals within the mix. This process allows for the rich, smooth texture of gelato. The gelato is then spooned out of the batch freezer using a spatula and extra ingredients, such as nuts and fruits, are added to create texture. The gelato may then be placed in a display case for sale or into a blast freezer to store it for later use.

Cold Process
In this process the ingredients for the gelato are combined and special cold process base and flavor ingredients are required. These ingredients are already microbiologically safe and do not require pasteurization. They are placed directly into the batch freezer and continually cooled and stirred until the correct consistency is reached. The gelato is scooped into the gelato pan with a spatula and is ready to serve. At this stage the gelato can have other flavors, fruits and nuts added to create a unique gelato.

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