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How is Guacamole Made

Guacamole is a popular dip, condiment and ingredient in salad that was invented by the Aztecs somewhere around the 16th century. Guacamole made its way in to modern Mexican cuisine and from here spread to American cuisine. It is now enjoyed in many parts of the world where the recipe has been slightly modified to fit with local ingredients. Guacamole is very easy to make and this means that it is often made from scratch. However, commercial preparations are also readily available.

How is guacamole made?
The earliest and most traditional way of making guacamole is simply mashing ripe avocados and adding some salt to taste. Over the years the recipe has been adapted to include other ingredients such as tomato, onion, lime/lemon juice, chili (fresh or powdered), garlic and/or yogurt. These ingredients are usually cut finely and added to the mashed avocado and salt, but they can also be combined with a food processor/mixer and mixed into a paste. Many commercial preparations of the recipe require preservatives to ensure they maintain a suitable shelf life.

Did you know?
The name of guacamole is derived from an Aztec dialogue and translates into “avocado sauce.”

A Venezuelan recipe called Guasacaca is similar to guacamole, but it is made with vinegar to make it more acidic. Another similar recipe is mantequilla de pobre (poor man’s butter), which calls for avocado, tomato, oil and lemon/lime juice.

Guacamole will turn brown if left in the open air. It is important to keep it in a airtight container to prevent this. Citrus juice will also help prevent it from turning brown.

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