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How Is Instant Rice Made

Instant rice is packaged rice that can be cooked much quicker that regular rice. Certain types of this rice may be referred to as minute rice because it only takes a few minutes to cook. Although this type of rice offers convenience it is more expensive than regular rice and has less nutrients. It may also lose some flavor and does not have the same texture as regular rice. Today, it is available in many flavors to provide an instant meal. Let’s take a look how this type of rice is manufactured.

How Is Instant Rice Made
Instant rice can be manufactured in a number of ways, but the most common follows the basic rice cooking procedure. The rice grains are blanched in hot water. After this they are steamed and rinsed. This procedure creates cracks and holes in the grains of rice, which allows for faster cooking because the water can penetrate the grains when it is being recooked. To prepare the rice for packaging it is paced in massive ovens that reduce the moisture content of the rice to less than 12%. Flavorings are added to the rice, herbs and spices are the most common, and the rice might also be fortified with vitamins to counteract the loss of nutrients. Once the rice is allowed to cool it is packaged and shipped to grocery stores.

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