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How is Mustard Made

Mustard is a condiment commonly used on hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. It is also used as an ingredient in salad dressing, sauces and marinades. There are many different types of mustard from mild to very hot and it is an important part of many world cuisines. The most common type of mustard eaten in the United States is American mustard (where it is usually known simply as mustard), which is a mild mustard with a bright yellow color. Dijon mustard is also a popular type of mustard with a stronger flavor. Let’s find out how mustard is made.

How is mustard made?
The process for making mustard varies between varieties, but all mustard recipes share some similarities. For example, each variety of mustard contains seeds of the mustard plant. There are 3 different types of mustard seeds that belong to 3 different varieties of mustard plants and each of these has a different flavor and strength.

American mustard
This type of mustard is made with the seeds of the white mustard plant. It also contains turmeric (for the yellow color), paprika, salt, white vinegar and water. These ingredients are added to a mixer in the following approximate percentages; 60% water, 20% vinegar, 15% mustard seeds and 5% other ingredients. These ingredients are then thoroughly blended for about an hour. This mixture is then passed through a series of mills, which grinds and heats the mixture. After this cools the mustard mixture thickens and it is then bottled for shipping.

Dijon mustard
This type of mustard is usually made from brown mustard seeds, which may be mixed with other types of seeds. Other ingredients include cider vinegar, white vinegar and water. These ingredients are added together and allowed to ferment for about 12 hours. This is then mixed together and finally ground in a series of mills. The mixture is then filtered to screen out larger particles and it is mixed to remove the air. After it has cooled it is bottled for shipping.

The following video shows mustard being made in a factory:

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