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How is Nutella Made

Nutella is a popular chocolate spread that was first released to the market by the Ferrero company in 1964. The history of the spread dates back to 1946 when Pietro Ferrero invented a chocolate spread in Italy. His son, Michele, modified the recipe and called in Nutella. After its release in 1964 it quickly became very popular and remains one of the most popular spreads in the world today. Let’s take a look at how Nutella is made in the factory.

How is Nutella made?
The process for making Nutella begins with cocoa beans, which are harvested from the cocoa tree and left to dry for about 10 days. Once delivered to the Nutella factory they are roasted to release the cocoa butter. The roasted cocoa beans are then pressed to remove all the cocoa butter. This butter is taken away to be used for other chocolate products. The remaining product is pure cocoa, which is then crushed. The next ingredient is hazelnuts, which are inspected to ensure they are of suitable quality. They are then cleaned and roasted. Once they have been roasted they are added to a mixture of pure cocoa powder, skimmed milk, sugar. This mixture is mixed into a smooth paste and sent for packaging.

The following video shows how generic brand chocolate spread is made:

Did you know?
There are approximately 50 hazelnuts in each jar of Nutella.

Nutella cannot be labeled as chocolate cream in Italy because it doesn’t contain enough cocoa to be considered chocolate.

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