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How is Soy Milk Made

Soy milk is an alternative to dairy milk made from soybeans. It is suitable for vegans and people who are lactose intolerant. Many brands of soy milk have a similar nutritional content to dairy milk and most of these manufacturers fortify their product to include other important vitamins and minerals that soy milk does not naturally contain. The first evidence of soy milk dates back to around the first century AD, but it didn’t become a mainstream product until the 20th century. Let’s take a look at how modern soy milk is made.

How is soy milk made?
The first step of the manufacturing process starts with dry soybeans, which are soaked in cold water for about 18-24 hours. The beans absorb the water, which makes them double in size and softens them. They are then fed into a grinding machine, which crushes and grinds the beans. This creates a thick soup-like mixture made up of soybean pulp and soy milk. This mixture is then boiled to sterilize the product, improve the flavor. The mixture is then filtered to remove the pulp from the milk. Sweeteners, flavorings, vitamins and minerals are added to the final product to improve the taste and nutritional value. The soy milk is then packaged for shipping.

Did you know?
It is also possible to make soy milk at home and many people who do this use a soy milk machine. The following video is a simple method for making your own soy milk at home.

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