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How Long Do Butterflies Live

Some time ago I wrote the post ‘where do butterflies live‘. Today I will answer the question ‘how long do butterflies live’ and also look at a some interesting facts about butterflies.

How Long Do Butterflies Live

An ‘old wives tale’ about butterflies is that they live for only a few hours to a day. However, butterflies live for between a week to a year, depending on the species of butterfly. So now you know how long butterflies live (from a week to a year- depending on the species).

Facts About Butterflies

  • Butterfly eggs remain dormant during the winter so the butterfly will survive the winter.
  • Butterflies have scale-covered wings. That is what give butterflies their color.
  • Nectar from flowers are a butterflies main diet.
  • Some butterflies migrate over large distances. The Monarch butterfly migrates from Mexico to North America, a distance of 2,500 to 3,000 miles (4,000 to 4,800 km).
  • Egyptian hieroglyphs (from 3,500 years ago) feature pictures of butterflies.
  • Some people say they have ‘butterflies in their stomach’ when they are nervous.
  • Some people say it is good luck when a butterfly lands on you. Butterflies are attracted to sodium in salt. Human sweat is salty. That is why butterflies sometimes land on people.
  • Butterfly eggs stick to leaves with a special ‘glue’ that hardens extremely quickly.
  • Butterflies use their antennae to sense the air for nectar.

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