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How Long Do Goldfish Live

Goldfish are a small member of the carp family and were one of the first fish to be domesticated. The goldfish we know today were selectively bread over 1000 years ago from the Prussian carp for their gold color. They were popular in ancient China and spread to Europe in 1611. Today, they remain one of the most common fish to be kept as pets in home aquariums and ponds throughout the world. If you have ever wanted to know how long goldfish generally live, keep reading to find out.

Life expectancy of a goldfish
Gold fish can easily live for 20-30 years and the oldest known goldfish lived for 43 years! However, the life expectancy of a goldfish heavily depends on how they are cared for and the breed of goldfish. Most goldfish kept in a small aquarium will live somewhere between 2-5 years. However, with a big fish tank and a good filtration system you should be able to get at least 10 years out of your pet goldfish. When kept in optimum conditions the average goldfish lives for 20-25 years.

Ways to help your goldfish live to a ripe old age
It is important to never overfeed your goldfish, even if they seem to be showing signs of foraging for food in the tank. This “grazing” behavior is normal and does not mean that they are always hungry. They only need as much as they can eat in a couple of minutes each day. Overfeeding can cause tank pollution from the uneaten food that decays quickly. It is important to clean any uneaten food after feeding.

It is important to keep your goldfish in a large tank with a proper filtration system. Even with a filter it is important to clean your tank from time to time. The tank should also have a predator guard to prevent pets or wild animals from making a meal of your fish. It is also important to carefully monitor the temperature of the tank. Somewhere between 16°c (60°F) and 21°c (70°F) is the optimum range for most breeds. Some decoration in the tank will keep the goldfish stimulated.

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