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How Long Do Mosquitoes Live

Mosquitoes are a small species of insect that are common to tropical and subtropical regions of the Earth. There are also some species of mosquito that have adapted to cool climates, which means they can be found on every continent on Earth. Almost everyone is familiar with the itchy red lumps caused by mosquito bites, but many are not aware of the potential diseases that mosquitoes can carry. Mosquito borne illnesses cause over 2 million deaths each year. Interestingly, only the female mosquito feeds on blood. If you have ever wondered how long a mosquito lives, read on to find out.

How long do mosquitoes live?
The lifecycle of a mosquito is quite complex. The first stage of their life begins when the female lays eggs in any form of standing water. The eggs hatch in to larvae, which feed on microorganisms in the water. The larvae go through 4 different stages where they shed their skin for further grown. They eventually turn into pupae. In this stage they rest before eventually becoming adult mosquitoes. The first 3 stages the mosquito is entirely aquatic and these stages take anywhere from 5 to 14 days depending on the species and climate (some species take up to 42 days). Adult mosquitoes mate within a few days and live for about 1-3 weeks in the wild and this can be extended to about a month in captivity. Generally, the female of the species lives longer (1-3 weeks) than the male (1 week).

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