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How Long does it take for Duck Eggs to Hatch

Ducks are aquatic birds that live in every continent in the world except for Antarctica. But how long does it take for duck eggs to hatch? This post will answer that very question!

How long does it take for duck eggs to hatch?

The time taken for duck eggs to hatch depends on the species of duck. For common ducks (a species called Pekin), it usually takes 28 days for duck eggs to hatch. Most other duck eggs will hatch in a similar time period. The longest time for duck eggs to hatch is around 35 days.

If you are planning to hatch duck eggs you will need an incubator. It should be set at around 99.5 F with a relative humidity of 55%. The duck eggs must be turned (some incubators do this automatically) and must be transferred to hatching trays about 3 days before they are due to hatch. Note that duck eggs may be hatched naturally by placing them under a brooding duck or even a chicken hen! Just make sure there is food and water available for the ducks when they hatch.

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Thanks to Duck Health for some of the information for this post.

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