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How Many Counties are in Texas

Texas is the second largest and second most populous state in America. But how many counties are in Texas? This post will answer that very question!

How Many Counties are in Texas?

Texas has 32 congressional districts (only California has more) and 254 counties- the most of any state in the US. When the Republic of Texas declared independence in 1836 there were 23 municipalities. These became the original 23 Texas counties. Most of these were divided into new counties. Kenedy County was the last county to be created. It was created in 1921. Some of the original counties include Austin County, Bastrop County and Washington County.

Each county has a Commissioners’ Court system. The court has 5 members- a county judge and four elected commissioners. There is also a county clerk who are responsible for registering marriage certificates, birth certificates, deeds, titles and other legal documents. The clerk is elected county-wide for four-year terms.

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