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How Many Isotopes Does Titanium Have

Titanium is a strong silvery metal that was discovered in 1791. Titanium is a chemical element that is represented by the chemical symbol Ti and the atomic number 22. It is the seventh most abundant metal in the crust of the Earth where it is always found bonded to other elements. This natural titanium is comprised of 5 stable isotopes. However, there are many more isotopes of titanium that have been identified.

How many isotopes does titanium have?
The 5 stable isotopes of titanium are 46Ti , 47Ti, 48Ti, 49Ti and 50Ti. The most common titanium isotope on Earth is 48Ti, which makes up about 74% of the natural titanium and the other 4 stable isotopes make up the remaining 26%. In addition to the stable isotopes, there have been 21 radioactive isotopes of titanium identified. The most stable of these is 44Ti, with a half life of 60 years. 45Ti, 51Ti and 52Ti are the only other isotopes with a half life of longer than a minute. Most of the remaining unstable isotopes have a half life of a less than a second. The least stable isotope is 61Ti, which has a half life that is about 300 nanoseconds.

Did you know?
50Ti is used to produce some of the super heavy synthetic elements.

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