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How Many National Parks Are There in Canada

Canada is a large country located in the northern region of the North American continent. It is well known for areas of spectacular natural beauty and many of these regions have been protected as National Parks. These parks are administered by Parks Canada and the goal of this organization is to protect these unique areas and provide access for the public to enjoy and appreciate the natural environment. In addition to National Parks, Canada also has National Park Reserves*, National Landmarks and National Marine Conservation Areas. Let’s find out how many National Parks are located in Canada.

How many national parks are there in Canada?
Inspired by the United States, who had established the first National Park (Yellowstone) in 1872, Canada announced their first National Park, Banff National Park, in 1885. Today, there are 37 National Parks in the country, and additional 8 National Park Reserves*, 1 National Landmark and 4 National Marine Conservation Areas. For a full list of parks, reserves, landmarks and marine conservation areas in Canada see this page.

The following is a map showing the locations of all National Parks in Canada.

A map showing the location of all of the National Parks in Canada.

Canadian National Parks (shown in green)

In addition to these areas there are three proposed National Parks and four National Parks that have been abolished.

Did you know?
* National Park Reserves are areas that have been set aside for creation of a National Park, but they require the settlement of native land claims before this can occur. They are managed exactly the same as an official National Park.

12 of Canada’s National Parks are also listed as, or a part of, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Canada has a total of 17 World Heritage Sites.

The largest of Canada’s National Parks is Wood Buffalo at 44,807 square kilometers (17,300 square miles) and the smallest is the Georgian Bay Islands at just 14 square kilometers (5 square miles)!

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