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How Much Do Lions Weigh

Lions are the second largest living cats after tigers. But how much do lions weigh? This post will answer that question and also tell you some interesting facts about lions.

How Much Do Lions Weigh

Male lions weigh between 330 and 550lb (150-250kg). Female lions weigh between 264 and 400lb (120-182kg). The average weight of male lions is 399lb (181kg) and the average weight of female lions is 278lb (126kg). The heaviest lion even found in the wild weighed in at 690lb (313kg).  Lions vary in size and shape depending on the environment they are living in. This is why the weights listed above vary so much. Lions who live in captivity (in zoos) are usually larger the lions that live in the wild. The heaviest lion lived at Colchester Zoo in England. He weighed 826lb (375kg).

Interesting Facts About Lions

  • In captivity, lions can live for over 20 years. In the wild they usually live for 10-14 years.
  • Lions are very inactive animals! They rest for about 20 hours per day! They spend 2 hours walking and 50 minutes eating.
  • Female lions are pregnant for about 110 days.
  • The number of lions in the wild has decreased significantly over the past 50 years. They are recognized as a vulnerable species.

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