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Interesting Facts About China

The People’s Republic of China (commonly just called China) is the most populous country in the world. Here are some interesting facts about China.

Interesting Facts About China

  • 1.29 billion people live in China. This is about one fifth of the world’s population!
  • There is some evidence that a type of ‘football’ was played in China in ancient times.
  • The most popular sports in China are martial arts, table tennis, swimming, snooker, football (soccer), badminton and basketball.
  • The Chinese government only allows religious freedom to state-approved religions. Many Christians in China are persecuted and have to meet in secret.
  • The country’s average life expectancy is 73.18 years, up from just 35 years in 1949. However, there are a number of health problems in the country. Millions of people smoke and teen obesity levels are rising. There is also a lot of pollution throughout China.
  • The literacy rate (in 2002) was 90.9%.
  • Rice has been grown in China since about 5000 BC.
  • China has over 800,000 metric tons of tea!
  • The largest city in China is Shanghai.
  • Many people do not own cars as the government has placed heavy taxes on cars. There are also lots of road tolls.
  • China plans to build a Chinese Space Station in the very near future.
  • The government has promised to use more renewable sources of energy in the future. They plan to have 30% of their energy needs in 2050 supplied by renewable power sources.
  • The Chinese Army, called the People’s Liberation Army, is the largest military in the world. They have over 2.3 million troops!
  • 400 out of 600 Chinese cities are experiencing a water shortage.

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